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International Skin and Beauty Specialist, Chemical Engineer Şems Arslan, after her academic education, her family medical knowledge, curiosity and interest in naturalness led him to launch her brand, which she produced with her own formulas.

Specialist Şems Arslan, who gives hope to her clients, whom she applies to their skin and hair with her products and special recipes in her own clinic, has created a market share in Europe as well as all over Turkey with her ecological vegan products, as a result of numerous pleasing demands. 

The product range, which has been highly appreciated since 2006, produces products in professional laboratories due to being a Chemist. She took the inspiration of the products from the needs of thousands of clients by traveling every inch of Turkey and the world  as a result of the analyzes she personally made. 

Since 2007, she has made hundreds of health programs on Turkey's leading TV channels, and her programs have broken ratings and viewing records by reaching large audiences with the economic recipes she gave to low-income budgets. Today, she is one of the first and only Expert who cover this subject on TV channels and popularize natural care. 

She is happy to share her knowledge and experience by participating in seminars, fairs, events and openings, and Şems Arslan, who has always supported women as a female entrepreneur, has provided job opportunities to hundreds of women and contributed to the family economy, supporting women to come to the fore in business life. 

In addition to special care practices in its own clinic, Istanbul / Bebek also provides training for the market to train qualified and qualified Beauty Specialists. 

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